Oil & Gas

More recent, the Group has become active in the Oil & Gas Exploration with close collaboration with major companies in this field such as AMOCO, SHELL, AGIP, TUNISIAN BRITISH SERVICES, BRITISH GAS, MP ZARAT LIMITED, READING & BATES, TURKISH PETROLEUM CORP., ARCO INC and MARATHON

Through a network of Offshore Companies, the Group has made substantial investments in Drilling Platforms and Drilling Equipment and has established itself well in the management and chartering of marine spreads for the offshore oil and gas exploration industry.

The Group is also becoming an efficient and reliable source for major oil companies in terms of their procurements’ requirements.

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It is our mission to enhance the
quality of life of our clients by
supplying and maintaining means of transport of a high standard as to be
fit for their purpose, and to supply
not merely a means of efficient and economic transport but also of status and pleasure.

We shall accomplish this mission through the active participation of
the organization's most important resource, our employee team
members and partner-suppliers.

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