3rd Generation

With the introduction of the third generation of the Zammit family during the 1960’s, it was felt necessary that in order to ensure continued growth, the business must diversify into other fields. On the basis of the technical and mechanical competence acquired by the third generation members of the Zammit family, it was decided way back in 1967 to enter into the motor vehicle import and distribution business.

The first breakthrough came with the franchise for Honda Motor Cycles. The relationship with Honda Motors was further consolidated with the inclusion of motor vehicles in the 1970’s and, later still, all Honda Motors products. The late 1980’s and early 1990’s were years of rapid growth in the brand’s local market share in terms of both motor vehicles and motorcycles. The brand is currently imported, distributed and marketed through the wholly-owned subsidiary company Associated Motors Co. Limited.

During the 1960’s, the business managed to establish a distributorship relationship with Isuzu Motors of Japan primarily for the latter’s diesel engines and light commercial vehicles. Later still with the introduction by Isuzu Motors of their passenger vehicles, the distributorship was consolidated and developed yet further. The inclusion of passenger vehicles gave a tremendous impetus to the Isuzu brand, which became one of the leading makes on the Island enjoying dramatic market share growth particularly during the later years of the 1980’s to the mid 1990’s.

Recent product developments backed by excellent technical competence and dependability in the commercial vehicles sector is yet again reaffirming the Isuzu brand as one of the leading suppliers of commercial vehicles in the Maltese market and offers much potential for the future. The Isuzu Motors Brand is imported, distributed and marketed by Mira Motor Sales Limited which is again a wholly-owned subsidiary.

In the late 70’s the local commercial scene saw the demise of various companies and the Zammits, with foresight, decided to buy out the owners of the GM Franchise together with the magnificent building – Mira Building, which until recently, housed the motor business operations and also served as head office for the business. The GM franchise was acquired by the subsidiary Mira Motor Sales Limited and offered the GM North American models and the Vauxhall and Bedford brands, with the latter having been developed into a household brand by the mid 1990’s before GM decided to withdraw the brand from all markets except for the UK market.

In view of its long-standing relationship with GM, the family reached an agreement with GM (Opel) to promote and sell Opel motor vehicles as from the 1st of January 1998 as an Authorised Service Organisation for the local Distributor. Mira Motor Sales Limited’s contribution proved instrumental in the substantial increase in the market share experienced by the Opel Make during that late 1990’s. However this arrangement did not last long as it was unilaterally terminated by the local Opel distributor on the 31st December 2000,  a year, during which, Mira Motor Sales Limited had sold close to 500 Opel vehicles.

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It is our mission to enhance the
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not merely a means of efficient and economic transport but also of status and pleasure.

We shall accomplish this mission through the active participation of
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