4th generation

The years 2005 and 2006 witnessed yet another development in the history of the Zammit Group. Over the two years, Joseph Zammit (son of Eucharist Zammit, a third generation member) gradually acquired 100% stake in the Group.

This change in ownership brought about changes in the Board’s composition and the introduction of the 4th generation of the Zammit family. In fact, Mr. Zammit appointed his two children – Alastair and Carolyn – to the Board of Directors, with Alastair, the elder of the two becoming very actively involved in the management of the Group ever since. The younger sibling has recently joined her father and brother in the management of the Group.

our team
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It is our mission to enhance the
quality of life of our clients by
supplying and maintaining means of transport of a high standard as to be
fit for their purpose, and to supply
not merely a means of efficient and economic transport but also of status and pleasure.

We shall accomplish this mission through the active participation of
the organization's most important resource, our employee team
members and partner-suppliers.

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