Ship Ownership and Management

The Zammit family has been linked with shipping and marine related operations since the 1930’s when they were appointed as one of the main suppliers to the British Forces on the island. In their efforts to fulfill their supply commitments to the British Garrison stationed in Malta, it was felt necessary to venture into chartering of vessels to secure timely and adequate supplies in spite of the untold difficult circumstances of the time.

Since then, various types of vessels including freighters, passenger carriers, dredgers and tugboats have been bought, managed, chartered and sold by the group.

Over the years, the group has established its presence in the Mediterranean Shipping Industry through equity participation and joint ventures in shipping companies and ship management of a number of vessels.

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Ro/Ro Pax Operations

During the early fifties the late Eucharist Zammit undertook the passenger and car ferry services between the Maltese Islands, a tender which was won against stiff competition.  This service continued to be run by E. Zammit & Co. with annual tenders being won up to 1979 when the Government of the time decided to set up the Gozo Channel Co. Limited to run the service as a para-statal company.  The Group retained substantial shareholding in this company till the early 1990’s.

In 2010 Zammit Group of Companies played an instrumental role throughout Libyan conflict working hand in hand with the United Nations (UN), World Food Program (WFP) and International Organisation of Migration (IOM). Four vessels were chartered in all, providing continuous humanitarian aid and evacuating some 45,000 individuals to safety.

Post conflict, the Group recognized an opportunity in providing services to the newly liberated nation, and to that effect established a new company, Mediterranean Maritime Services Limited (MMSL), which operated ro/ro passenger and cargo vessels between Malta, Libya, Tunisia and even Italy.

Over the last two decades the Group has been an active co-owner and manager of a number of a number of RO/RO pax vessels operating within the Mediterranean basin, Red Sea and Gulf of Aden.